22 march 2016, Paris

16th CLUB PHASE 1 Meeting

Please click here for the final program and presentations from the recent Club Phase 1 conference that took place on the 22nd March 2016 in Paris. Included are the plenary session topics, and the roundtable discussion that covered the recent events that occurred in a first-in-human clinical trial at the beginning of this year, and the management of risk in this type of study. As announced, The club phase 1 will set up a working group leveraging the round table discussion, to make, from the lesson learned, recommendations for first in human trials.

4 november 2015

Themed workshop : Rare diseases

Download the presentation ORPHAN MEDICINAL PRODUCTS

21 & 22 may 2015

3rd Joint Conference of European Human Pharmacological Societies Brussels, Belgium

The 2015 conference took place on 21-22 May in Brussels and is was hosted by the Belgian Association of Phase I Units (BAPU). More information here : www.eufemed.eu

4 november 2014

Workshop: Biomarqueurs en oncologie

4 february 2014

Club Phase 1 annual Meeting 2014

Annual meeting of the Club Phase 1, “Toxicologie prédictive et pharmacologie clinique”. Please find the presentations here

24 octobre 2013

Designs Adaptatifs

Please find the presentations of the meeting in Paris here.

11-12 April 2013

Early clinical utility assessment of new medicines in development

On the 11-12 April 2013 this year we held the Joint Conference of European Human Pharmacological Societies in Nice (France) to discuss the theme with top quality speakers and workshops. More than 200 attendees participated in the highly successful 2-day event. Please find the presentations here.

Dr. Jan de Hoon (Chair, BAPU), Dr. Kerstin Breithaupt-Grögler (President, AGAH), Dr. Yves Donazzolo (President, Club Phase 1) and Dr. Peter Dewland (Chair, AHPPI) -photo courtesy of Patricia Sanwald-Ducray.

2 février 2012

« Risk Mangement in early phase clinical research »

This 14th Club Phase 1 Meeting "Managing risk in early stage" was a great success.
Download the program here - More

9 Novembre 2011

« Research and early clinical development: French expertise, to strengthen competitiveness »


31 mars & 1er avril 2011 à Berlin

Joint Conference of European Human Pharmacological Societies : AGAH (Germany), AHPPI (UK), BAPU (Belgium) and CPI (France)

Exploratory Development of Modern Therapies - Biologicals, Advanced Therapies and Drug-Device Combinations.

25 novembre 2010

Development of anticancer biologics

Téléchargez la présentation

30 mars 2010 à Paris

Managing Challenges in Early Drug Development: Biologicals and Small Molecules

"Présentations communiquées par les auteurs"

28 & 29 avril 2009 à Lyon (France)

3ème meeting AGAH - Club Phase1 : Managing Challenges in Early Drug Development: Biologicals and Small Molecules

Présentations communiquées par les auteurs

20 mars 2008 à Charenton (Paris France)

10ème journée du club

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26 - 27 avril 2007 à Bad Homburg (Allemagne)

2ème Meeting Club Phase I – AGAH


17 janvier 2007

« Bonn atelier AGAH "First-in-Man" »

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22 novembre 2006

« Conditionnement, préparations et activités pharmaceutiques dans les Unités de phase I : les pratiques actuelles, la réglementation et les questions.... »

« Présentation-débat avec la participation de Joëlle Hattchouel et Véronique Daurat (AFSSAPS), Martine Pallière et Didier Basseras (Sanofi Aventis) » Télécharger la présentation

30 mai 2006

« La sécurité en phase I »

« Les indemnités des volontaires »


19 mai 2005

« L'assurance en Phase I : les risques, les responsabilités. »


11 mai 2004

« Revue des critères de développabilité »


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